potr, the book~

There's a certain satisfaction that every photographer feels when she sees her work in print.  For years I would shoot shoot shoot and the only prints I'd see were the occasional photos of my kids and the books and prints that I'd make for clients.  All good stuff, but I'm first and foremost and artist, and I've been making artistic photographs for the last 20+ years.  Last year I framed about 20 or so prints and hung them throughout my house.  And I've since been printing and framing more, for myself but also for my art show last month.  I'll be hanging more prints in home soon and I can't wait!

Now that the art show is over, I'm ready to do something I've always wanted to do but just never had the gumption/confidence/wherewithall to actually do it-- I'm making a photo book of my personal work.  It's called Poetry of the Real, just like my art show, and it's most of the photos from the art show, plus a handful of images that didn't quite make the final art show cut.

In addition to pictures, I'm including some poetry and bits of prose that I've written, all original work.  Some of the words are things that I've written over the years, some is directly inspired by the photographs themselves.  It's my truest, most honest form of expression, pictures and words.

The book is not quite complete, but will be by February 1st.  You can buy it now, if you like, for pre-sale at a discount of $75, or wait until it's complete and pay the full price of $95.

Check it out here along with photos from my art show: