Six weeks in to the new year and my plan to blog at least once every week has already failed miserably.  I'm not giving up though... blogging is something I've been doing for ten years now and I love it.  But it's something that requires a bit of habit, and frankly, I'm out of practice.  No worries though, because I have TONS to write about and share so my lack of blogging is not for a lack of material...I'm just short on time!

Case in point:

Two weeks ago I took Sharif to Chicago for the Unified Auditions. He plans to pursue Musical Theatre in college so we started the audition season in Chicago where he auditioned for a few schools and we toured the campus of Columbia College Chicago (which I fell in love with). All of the schools he's applying to are fantastic though, with incredible programs, so no matter where he ends up, it's going to be great!

We stayed at the very small but very chic and efficient Club Quarters on Wacker Drive and enjoyed a fabulous view of the Chicago River.  We enjoyed some Chicago deep dish pizza, visited a couple of museums, walked around in the bitter wind and cold and even went to see Les Miserables (it was so good, I cried like a baby!).

And of course....I brought my camera...




We'll be back in Chicago this summer, so I'm looking forward to shooting more in warmer weather!