Art is not free~

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art is not free....

It’s so easy to share music these days, and it’s a tempting thing to do, especially when there’s a musician or band that you love— you want to send mp3s and things to all of your friends so that they’ll love the same music as you do, right?  And sharing is just a nice thing to do.  We’ve all done it.

But here’s a thought…

Musicians have bills.  They need to eat.  They need to pay rent.  It costs a lot of money to tour and to record.  Music is the thing they create…they create to sell so that they can keep creating.  If your favorite singer didn’t sell records or tickets to shows then he or she would have to get a regular job and they wouldn’t be able to create the thing that you love— music.

If you give away their music, then you take away from their potential income.

There are other ways to share the music without giving it away for free.  Fans are the best commodity an artist has, but you need to be smart about it if you want to keep your favorite bands and musicians in business.  Write about them, talk about them, tweet about them.  Post YouTube videos on Facebook and Tumblr.  Invite your friends to come to shows with you.  Join street teams and promote local shows and events.  Call your local radio stations (the good ones, not the Clear Channel bullshit ones) and ask them to put your favorite bands and musicians in their rotation.

Share the music, yes.  But allow your friends and followers to fall in love with the sound and voice that you love so much, without hurting its creator.

I’m not a musician so I won’t pretend to know how the music business works and how musicians actually earn a paycheck.  But I am an artist and I know what it’s like to struggle and try to earn a living with your craft.  It’s HARD.  People think that just because you have this talent, this one thing that you love to do, that you’d be willing to do it for free all the time.  They don’t take into consideration the time, effort and money it takes to get GOOD at the thing that you do.  And equipment, my goodness.  I’m a photographer and the equipment alone would bankrupt someone.

Just because I love to make pictures, doesn’t mean I can afford to give it all away.

Just because it’s easy to send mp3s via Dropbox or email or whatever, doesn’t mean you’re actually helping your favorite musician’s career.

If we give away their income….in the end, we lose.