I've always wanted to be a music writer...

And it was pretty clear that Rolling Stone wasn't going to just up and offer me a job, so I decided to take it upon myself and JUST DO IT. 

I love all kinds of music, all different genres, and it would be really easy to write about the arena-packing super groups that everyone loves.  But you can read about them in Spin or see them on TV. 

My heart belongs to the up & coming artist, the unsigned or unknown guy or girl who's singing his or her heart out in small bars and coffee shops, touring the country in a brokedown van, sleeping on friends' floors. 

These are the people who deserve our attention... and I've been pretty lucky to meet a few for interviews.  I'll be posting those here very soon....

In the meantime... enjoy this song by my all-time favorite artsit, BOBBY LONG:

(I really like Bobby Long alot...so get used to it... there will be more of him here!)